Applejack is an earth pony with an orange body, green eyes and blonde mane and tail. Originally, she was featured in the 1984 TV special Rescue at Midnight Castle and has almost the same appearance she had in the original episode, but speaks with a Southern American accent and having fewer apples on her cutie mark. Applejack is very dependable and down-to-earth, but also tends to act stubborn. She wears a brown cowboy hat and is the only one of the six main characters who keeps her mane and tail tied back, instead of letting them fall loose. Applejack comes from a large family of ponies with apple-related names, spread all over Equestria, who oversee apple orchards and run a group of businesses to sell apples and products made from them. Applejack has demonstrated her strength and dexterity on many occasions, and she is also very skilled with a lasso. She represents the element of honesty. She has a pet Border Collie named Winona.

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