Gumball Watterson is a fanfiction of The Amazing World of Gumball.


When Gumball didn't want to be a screw up just to be popular anymore he decided to leave The Amazing World of Gumball so he can get what he wants.

List of ChaptersEdit

  1. His Opinion
  2. His Decision
  3. The Last Straw
  4. Goodbye Gumball
  5. Everything Changes
  6. Everything Changes part 2
  7. The Battle
  8. New Friendship
  9. BMO's new sword
  10. False Stories and Dire Consequences
  11. Regrets
  12. The Tournament


Gumball Watterson (Main Character)

BMO (Main Character)

Darwin Watterson

Ahsoka Tano


Lemongrab (Main Villain)

Cyber Bug (Main Villain)

Supporting CharactersEdit

Nicole Watterson

Richard Watterson

Anais Watterson

Princess Bubblegum

Peppermint Butler


Wreck it Ralph

Fix it Felix


  • This fanfiction was based on the movie Wreck it Ralph.
    • Do to that three characters from the movie were featured in the story.
  • This story is by far TheBestGamer's most viewed story.
  • This story is featured in The Best of TAWOG Fics, a community owned by BlueHedgehog1997.

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