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A pony with a pair of wings and a horn who is the magocratic co-ruler of Equestria and the elder sister of Princess Luna. She rules Equestria with Luna and controls the rising and setting of the sun. For a millennium she also appears to have controlled the moon while her sister was banished. She has a white coat with a hint of pink and multi-colored pastel mane and tail (Though in one of her toy incarnations, she had a lavender body instead of white). She wears a gold tiara, collar and horse shoes. She, alongside Princess Luna, were based on the Generation 1 Princess Ponies from the 1980's animated series. She is usually very kind, patient, and understanding, and wishes for her subjects to relax and be themselves around her. She has a pet phoenix named Philomeena.


Twilight SparkleEdit

Twilight and Celestia

She sees Twilight as her most faithful student. In A Party to Either Remember or Forget she felt great concern for her birthday when it was being ruined. The first time she felt over-protective of her was when they were battling War Lord. In reality she always thought of Twilight as her daughter.

Master SplinterEdit

He taught her the ways of Ninjitzu and he helped her get over her fear of The Kraang.


War LordEdit

The KraangEdit

She has an enormous fear of The Kraang.

Fanfiction AppearancesEdit

A Party to Either Remember or Forget

Unfinished Spells

Total Turtle Takeover Part 1