The Amazing World of Gumball Crossover Edition
The Amazing World of Gumball Crossover Edition is an Amazing World of Gumball fanfiction made by TheBestGamer.


Gumball is in an all out war with the Decpticons, Serpentine, Separatists, and more.

List of Chapters Edit

  1. The Rise of Their Demise
  2. Gumball and Optimus Prime
  3. The legend of Unicron
  4. Shocking truth
  5. The Rise of Unicron
  6. Young Autobot (episode)
  7. Ultimate Hero
  8. General Grievous
  9. The origin of General Grievous
  10. The Decepticon's new member
  11. Sensei and Student
  12. Meeting the Ninja
  13. Parting Ways

Heroes Edit

Villains Edit

Supporting Characters Edit

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